Dodge Intrepid

2013-01-10 21:35:51

In 1992, the corporation «Chrysler» introduced a number of large car nines, built on a new platform LH - Chrysler Concord, Chrysler Vision, Dodge Intrepid (in some markets Chrysler Intrepid), Eagle Vision. Outwardly, these models are very similar to each other.

Dodge Intrepid, front-drive sedan with a longitudinally mounted engine. Since its release Concern Chrysler forced many to change their attitude to the American car pastors. Take at least a list of equipment to be installed as standard with air conditioning, stereo system class Hi-Fi, leather seats, power windows, ABS brakes, cruise control. As options for Dodge Intrepid mounted CD-only player, traction control, alloy wheels and a second bag. The salon is very roomy and quite functional. Finishing materials are inexpensive, but it is a quality. The trunk is impressive, with a volume of 470 l.

Up to 100 km / h the standard 3.5-liter 218-strong (in Europe - 211 hp) six-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder accelerates the car and much more in 9.5 seconds. Maximum speed - 210 km / h Car pick and less dynamic 163-horsepower 3.3-liter V6 (top speed - 180 km / h and acceleration to hundreds - 11).

Fuel proligacy Dodge Intrepid because the engines packaged with only a quad-speed automatic transmission. Since 1996, instead began to mount and automatic gearbox Autostick (all sedans, except for modifications TSi, optional) with pneumatic gear change, which by its characteristics and the algorithm works as close to a manual transmission. Suspension does not succumb to such formidable obstacles as tramways or pavers.

The most common car nines with a 2.7-liter engine, giving out 204 hp (Sometimes indicated 200 hp or 203 hp). There Intrepid and with an engine capacity of 3.2 liters. It usually put only the most expensive cars in the trim. However, the 3.2-liter unit was not much more "horses" (226, according to other sources - 225 hp, and sometimes - 228 HP).

In 2003, to replace the Intrepid came a completely new model called the Dodge Magnum.

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