Toyota Yaris Sedan

2013-01-09 11:59:14

There have only been three generations of this car, the first one appeared in 1999 then followed by the second in 2005 and completed with the last one that started its production in 2010 and was completely redesigned in 2012. Now compared to other similar cars Toyota Yaris Sedan may seem like the youngest one, and so it is. However it’s the most compact and reliable and for what matters most, least expensive one in the market today. That along makes Toyota Yaris Sedan a great purchase for many family or business road trips to come.  

The last version of Toyota Yaris Sedan is generally available in three different body styles: three- or five-door hatchback or four-door sedan. Every model is equipped with a basic 1.5 liter engine that provides up to 106 hp. Five-speed manual transmission also comes as a basic equipment but you can change it to a four-speed automatic one. Toyota Yaris Sedan with an auto transmission can accelerate up to 60 m/hour in almost 10.7 seconds. Not the fastest car in the world but you’re not buying it to win Formula 1. The greatest point of this car is the unbelievable fuel economy level. It uses less gas than all the competitors in the market.

For a compact car Toyota Yaris has more than enough features and options you may need when driving it. Among the basic installed options comes the air conditioning system, comfortable and adjustable seats, tachometer, remote trunk release, 14-inch steel wheels, tilt steering wheel and much more. The only thing that may spoil these features is the need to additionally install audio system because the basic equipment only comes with the sound speakers. But you can always order an additional package of features that includes a CD/MP3 player with a built-in radio.

The redesigned exterior of the recent Yaris makes it available for those drivers who prefer sport-looking compact cars. It looks spacious, stylish and sporty at the same time, – the three things you could never guess a compact car could look like, but Toyota Yaris Sedan is an exception.

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