Honda Civic Type R

2013-01-11 06:29:57

Honda Civic Type R is the sports version of the Honda Civic car, an index R — this reduction from the word racing. All sports cars released by Honda concern have "Type R" edition. The distinctive feature is the existence of an emblem of concern not on silver, and a red background on a front grille. In total Honda Civic Type R cars three generations were let out. The debut of the first such model was in 1997, then it was let out only for domestic market of Japan, but the model was successful therefore the following generations were issued already focused on the world market. 

The first generation was issued in a body a hatchback, on the car there was an atmospheric B16B engine of 1,6 l and 185 h.p. Such capacity and now are recorded for engines of such volume. 

The second generation of Honda Civic Type R appeared in the market in 2001. The new K20A2 engine was about 2 l with a power of 200 h.p. and had a new intellectual DOHC I-VTEC system. The car has the maximum speed of 235 km/h, dispersal to 100 km/h happens for 6,6 Sec. 

In 2007 the third generation of Honda Civic Type R was let out, and for the Asian market the model was issued in a body a sedan, and for the rest — in a body a hatchback. But it's not the last distinctions, a sedan has the power of 225 h.p. at the engine displacement of 9 l, and a hatchback of only 200 h.p. at the same volume. 

The appearance of the car is made so that resistance of air was minimized, thus there is an aerodynamic weather-cloth, the size and which form is very carefully verified for the minimum resistance to movement. 

The list of the standard equipment includes developing rear-view mirrors on the electric drive. As an option the shod aluminum disks BBS on 18 inches, which eight kilogram easier standard can be offered. 

Inside the car very comfortable, the dashboard meets the most modern requirements, even there is an indicator of turns of the engine, VTEC reading out indication. In the market the model received quite good popularity at young, active drivers. Thanks to a combination of the powerful engine, a rigid suspension bracket, a sharp steering, the driver receives the maximum pleasure at Honda Civic Type-R wheel.

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