Toyota HiAce

2013-01-08 14:09:40

«Toyota Hiace» represents a commercial version of the car which is made by Japanese company «Toyota». For the first time the car has been presented to general public per 1967. Thus now, the car is available to buyers in many configurations.

The car «Toyota Hiace» is a multipurpose, 12-seater minibus, but can be used for transportation of any cargoes. Represents the closed van executed from integral metal with truncated base.

It is possible to carry to the basic advantages of the car: spacious salon, a plenty of functions which will help to provide a reliable level of a security of passengers, a greater lateral step which simplifies access in a cargo part of the car. In a cargo compartment the repair complete set settles down. On a roof of the car «Toyota Hiace» the conditioner which provides delivery of fresh air in salon is established.

Undoubtedly, the car is maybe used for transportation of cargoes, but designers of company «Toyota» have taken care and of the ex-terrier of the car. Special attention deserves: a bar of the radiator, the chrome plated elements of design on a cowl, caps on wheels.

The car differs high parameters of a maneuverability and controllability, in conditions of movement on greater city streets. In salon of the car passengers and the driver can comfortably be placed all. The interior of the car differs greater windows which are built in at a door. Such design decision, visually increases volume of internal salon, as well as raises light exposure. Seats can develop, that significantly simplifies landing passengers from the car. Seats of the driver and passengers are executed from a fabric. Also there is a conditioner, heating of salon and a cabin of the driver. By development of an interior of the car, manufacturers used qualitative materials, have created the unique, multipurpose panel from which it is possible to consider the necessary information.

Into a standard complete set of the car enter: convenient armchairs, the conditioner, illumination of cargo branch. Thus in the car the engine in volume of 2,7 liters and by capacity of 151 horsepower’s with a 5-step mechanical box of switching of transfers is established.

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