Honda Civic Si

2013-01-13 23:57:16

Honda Civic Si

Anyone who has ever tried himself driving Honda Civic Si coupe 2006 model series, without doubt would say that this is one of the best sports cars that Honda has ever built, and the best in its class among other automakers. There was at least 6 stages of development of the model.

Despite the fact that the history of the car Honda Civic Si began more than 20 years ago, this car started the massive passion for tuning cars. First in the U.S., then around the world. Later tuner’s love extended to all Honda Civic models.

1985-1987 Civic Si

In general, 1985 is rich in events. And most important - Honda released its first Civic Si. In the same year in the United States recognized the best model street "lighter."

Built on a sports coupe Honda S500, Honda Civic Si got a 1.5-liter engine with fuel injection system, but now it seems a matter of course 91 horsepower subcompact with a 1.5-liter engine - significant technological breakthrough at the time. To correspond to its name chassis Civic Si was also configured in sports. So under the management of Si in North America was simply no rivalry. By the way, Si deciphered as «Sport Injection»

There was also a more sporty Honda Civic CRX Si. It has the same platform as Civic Si, but changed body (hatchback), was lighter and had more rigid suspension. Both cars were pretty fast for its time.

 1989-1991 Civic Si (EF)

In 1989 - the second generation of Honda Civic Si.

With the 1.6-liter engine and 108 horsepower. From this generation Honda Civic Si as the rest of Honda Civic borrowed its suspension from the Formula car Honda - independent double wishbone in front and multi-link rear.

While the second generation of American Honda Civic Si successfully feted on the American market, in Japan was presented Honda Civic Si-R with the most advanced at the time the motor B16 - with two camshafts and innovation system VTEC from Honda. This engine produced 160 hp.

EF chassis-based, Honda built next generation - Honda Civic and Honda Integra.

1992-1995 Civic Si (EG)

In 1992, together with the emergence of of the 5th generation of Honda Civic, appeared Honda Civic Si under index 3, created on the basis hatchback (EG).

Over the ocean Civic 5 hatchback associated with egg. We called the car "Mad stool." This reaction was caused by a streamlined look and flowing contours of the body.

 First time the U.S. Civic Si engine was equipped with VTEC valve timing system. However, instead of the most powerful B16 DOHC VTEC there was a 125 hp engine with single-shaft SOHC VTEC.

  1999-2000 Civic Si coupe (EM1)

In 1996 came a new generation of Honda Civic, but this Civic Si appeared with no hurry. When in the Old World and Japan successfully sold Civis VTi (EK4) and Type R (EK9) American fans hoped and waited models until they will get the opportunity to purchase the famous EK, but in vain.

During the 3 years of the American Honda tormented lovers mark the withdrawal Civic Si. Japan received Type R, Europe - VTi. America did not get anything.

 2002-2005 Civic Si (EP3)

The most terrible disappointment American fans of cars Honda Civic - Honda Civic Si hatchback in the body on the chassis of EP, which is produced in the period from 2002 to 2005. There were many reasons for disappointment.

First of all, Civic Si was like a minibus, which was not even trying to look sporty, ignoring the image of the model. Unlike the the European-Japanese brother - Type R, Civic Si did not contain any attributes that characterize this as a sports car. The only thing that could somehow please the customers - it is an opportunity to set Aerocom of HFP(the option for an extra couple of thousand dollars). No, the car is not that ugly, it looks just ordinary. But this is a Honda Civic, and especially with the sign of Si.

Since 2001, Honda replaced independent multi-suspension system by a banal McPherson.

Civic was given 2.0-L K20 engine, but the U.S. Si got 160 hp, while the engine of the European Type R has a capacity of 200 hp, and the Japanese - 215. Honda Civic Si became slower almost on a second.

 2006 Civic Si (FG2)

In 2006 a new generation of cars Honda Civic was released. The car turned out awesome. We can say this is the best Civic Si of all the existing.

Yes, Si again in coupe and the power of the modified K20 is 197 hp. More  powerful and fast Honda Civic America has never had. From 0 to 100 km / h the car goes in 6.7 seconds.

6-speed gearbox with ideal gear ratios, front drive limited-slip differential, modified suspension and aerodynamics only supplemented pleasant experience.

Honda Civic Si exists more than 20 years, and despite the fatal mistake with the release of Si in 2002 let's hope that the next Si will be better. Looking at the latest generation of Honda it is hard to predict what can be improved, but this is Honda, and we must be sure that the next Si will be, at least, worthy of wearing the title. Title of the fastest. 

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