BMW 320D

2012-11-13 18:22:33

The car «BMW 320D» represents updated model 3 of a set of cars of company «BMW». For the first time the car has been presented to general public per 2012. Thus at first sight, designers and designers have made not too serious variations: the new bumper and optical system has been developed.


«BMW 320D» it is possible to carry to the basic advantages of the car: the modernized engine with new system of supply of fuel – «Common Rail». Also engineers of company «BMW» managed to create innovative system of savings of fuel – «Efficient Dynamics». Thus the driver on the discretion can disconnect: the amplifier of a rudder, the pump of oil, the compressor of the conditioner. On the power unit new function «Start-Stop» which allows stopping work of the engine on its stop is established. Thus, parameters of emission in an atmosphere of harmful substances decrease.


Designers and designers managed to create really unique design of the car and a design of a body. The new body provides substantial growth of parameters of aerodynamics. Thus the ex-terrier of the car differs the solidity and extravagance. The car «BMW 320D» is capable to surprise with the external style of any driver on road.



Experts of company «BMW» have put significant efforts for creation of comfortable and cozy salon of the car. Designers have created the elegant central panel, the refined panel of devices, comfortable seats of the driver and the forward passenger. Thus for back passengers the system of air circulation and adjustment of temperature is stipulated.



Into a standard complete set of the car «BMW 320D» enter: system of an active and passive security of the driver and passengers (a pillow of a security), system «ABS», systems of distribution of effort from brakes – «EBD» and «EBV», system of emergency braking - «Brake Assist», CD-player, radio system, the conditioner, system of electric management of mirrors of a back type.


In the car «BMW 320D» it is possible to establish some models of engines: the petrol engine in volume of 2,0 liters and capacity of 150 horsepower’s; 3 liter engine capacity of 258 horsepower’s, the diesel engine in volume of 2,5 liters and capacity of 163 horsepower’s.

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