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Roadster BMW Z3 was first shown in 1995 within annual car exhibition in Geneva. It was presented as a new style sport car of 90th and instantly became the goal for a lot of buyers. In automobile sales centre it could be found in 1996. Stylish designed bend headlight, wide wheel base, side “gills” and air inlet differ that unique model from other cars of BMW series. Also it equipped with soft roof, so you just need to turn two handles to transform it from sedan to cabriolet. In addition you can order automatic closing of the roof.
At the time there was choice of two types of engines: 1,8-liter and 1,9-liter (from BMW 318i). It was quite enough for regular customers, but fast drivers needed more powerful engine to enjoy fullness of the impression. In 1997 constructors were forced to design new version of engine – 2.8-liter with 193 hp that could reach maximum speed of 225 km/h in just 7.1 second. So it became faster than 1.8 and 1.9-liter version. In 1998 appeared more powerful 1.8-liter version and 2.5-liter version for market of USA. In addition there was presented brand new BMW Z3 coupe with 2.8-liter engine.
Also there are some other changes: accumulator battery was shifted to the trunk to keep nearly perfect the balance of the weight and Motronic fuel induction system was installed on the six cylinder version. Engine of the BMW Z3 situated in the front side with rear wheel drive. Standard version equipped with hydraulic booster steering wheel and manual five-stepped transmission. Automatic transmission is an option. It has very hard suspension, braking system with antilock system and disk brake. Also it obtains automatic stability control system with ADC+T type draft-regulating.
Interior of BMW Z3 is a proud of designers, that performed in powerful, independent and creative concept. None of other series of BMW car can boast of its elegance and speed. It became so popular that it was selected as a main car in one of the most successful movies about agent 007 James Bond adventures.

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