Mazda 2 1.6i

2013-01-11 05:07:57

Mazda 2 is the representative of the first generation was presented in Europe in 2003.  It the technical point of view it was similar as Ford Fiesta. But modest interior as well as interior of the first version of the vehicle made it unpopular among the car owners. It almost sank among the cars of the same type and during the next four years less than 140 000 of cars were sold. So concern Mazda needed to built a bright version of the vehicle of the “B”-class. After two years of intensive work in the European design-studio of the Mazda Concern, constructors built a new concept Sassou, which was shown at motor-show in 2005. Ikuo Maedo was responsible for the development and transformation of concept-car to the serial vehicle.


Mazda 2 of the second generation was presented at the Geneva’s auto show in 2007. Specialist of the company managed to create a light and swift vehicle absolutely not similar with the predecessor. New version became 40 mm shorter, 55 mm lower, but the wheel base left the same – 2490 mm. General decrease of the dimensions did not tell on the interior comfort of the passenger compartment. Contrariwise, height of the ceiling of the front and back passengers consider to be on of the best in its class. Volume effective volume of the trunk is 250 liters, but it can be enlarge to 787 liters by putting down of the back seats. Also it became 100 kg lighter – just 960 kg. Because of that vehicle became more dynamic and fuel consumption was decreased.


Interior of the car has its own individuality, but at the same time it is not much loud. Inside the vehicle enough practice and spacious. Due to low situated window line there is fine observe. Gage marks as well as front panel in general looks very modern. Mazda 2 1.6i equipped with 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 101 hp. It has mixed fuel economy of 6.8 L/100km (city-mode – 9.6, highway-mode – 5.8). Also there is a choice of 5-step mechanic or 4-step automatic gear box both of them go with forward transmission. Overall dimension: length - 3925, width - 1680 and height - 1545.

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