Ford Mustang Coupe

2013-01-08 15:13:48

Is there something more popular in class of muscle cars than Ford Mustang models? Ford Company made his one of the most popular and respectable muscle cars manufacturer. Mustang model line became the legend too. Those automobiles were never equipped by simple and ordinary engine, their fuel consumption was never low and economic, and those automobiles never leave you unimpressed.  Ford Mustang GT Coupe was created like the original descendant of Mustangs family with loud slogan “F*ck the crisis!”

The first car with a horse on his emblem was made in the distant 60s. Long hood, cut back and low stance, all those features became popular not only in America, but in Europe too. The first slogan of Mustang Company was “We made Mustang special for you!” and this assertion is actual in nowadays.

Retro style and hi-technologies and you get the great muscle car for driver with strong personality. But new Ford Mustang GT looks very modern and hot. Besides that GTs design including the original features of Mustangs like aggressive front part, rear spoiler and two exhaust pipes. Massive and pressed form is also unmoved.

Should you purchase GT Coupe depends on the question, why you need this car. Ford Mustang GT Coupe engineers means if you want to carry passengers, you should by a minibus. In case of Mustang GT models this is two-seater, everything behind just an interior. But for driver and front passenger this car will be very comfortable. Wide range of settings of seats, of steering wheel and great construction of seatbelt, that allows you not to reach for the rack.

The control and engine of GT Coupe was made in Mustang style. Eight cylinder V type engine provide you stable acceleration by 100 km/h per 5 seconds. Today most popular equipment of Ford Mustang GT Coupe included 4.6 liter engine capacity. If you want to take maneuvers this car isn’t for you, on high speed during sharp turns this muscle monster will take you pare unpleasant surprises. The car is heavy and with continuous rear axles. So, sharp turns leave for Japanese “hysteria”. The best innovation in this model is the new brakes system. Ventilated discs and ABS system, which pick up at the end included in new GTs brakes system, this perfect tandem doing its work perfect.

So, the Mustang GT Coupe purchasing is an illogical action, but it brings you tons of impressions and pleasure. This car was made for real tough guys and for persons with strong personalities.

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