Chevrolet Camaro

2013-01-09 02:23:30

2002 was remembered by Chevrolet Camaro car release, but was sharply suspended. But motorists waited not for long, and in 2009 production was restored, it is connected with release of Chevrolet Camaro of the fifth series. 

2010 also became remembering. It is connected with the nomination "Automobile Design of Year" where the car won the competition World Car of the Year. 

November, 2011 was remembered by emergence of the export version. From others versions of the model Chevrolet Camaro series the export version are distinguished by design of back headlights, the big size of rear-view mirrors where the turn signal was built-in. 

The complete set of 2LT consists of a Rally Sport package, consisting of a 6-step automatic transmission, a rare front grille, xenon headlights, distinctive шильдик, aluminum disks of the 20th diameter and a molding on a roof. If to look a regular complete set, it has an upholstery of a steering wheel from skin, the lever of gear shifting, seats, heating of forward seats, the speaker system with the amplifier, 9 columns with USB port, Bluetooth, system of dynamic stabilization. 

If to consider expensive version, it has manual switching on 6-step AKPP. Didn't do without improvement, now the car has automatic inclusion/switching off of headlights, disk brakes of Brembo. All considered options have aluminum disks about silvery finishing at which the size makes 20х8 in front and 20х9 behind.

The basic color scale of a body consists from: silvery metallic, dark blue metallic, white, black, red and gray metallic. Finishing of salon can be executed from light gray or black skin.

The model can add with a special package. At an additional payment choose color scale of strips on a cowl from a gray metallic, white, orange, silvery or black flowers. 

The Chevrolet company has the interior design of "Inferno Orange". The design means by itself performance from black color of salon, a wheel and the gear shifting lever from skin, the dashboard with tabs of orange color.

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