Chrysler Sebring

2012-11-14 17:09:44

The car «Chrysler Sebring» has appeared in a model number «Chrysler» in 1995. In the beginning 200 years on the Geneva motor show manufacturers have shown the new model created on the basis of model «Chrysler JR». The car has been named in honor of one of American a racing line.

On the American classification the car it is possible to carry to cars of the average size, and on the European classification the car belongs to Е to a class. The car has following overall dimensions: 4844х1792х1394 millimeters, and the wheel base makes 2743 millimeters.

At the wheel the car «Chrysler Sebring» the driver of any growth and a constitution that is the important factor can conveniently be placed. Thus it to not be reflected in a comfortable arrangement of back passengers. The driver's armchair has an electric drive of all adjustments. Thus a range of adjustments – varied. On a seat there are special platens of lateral support.

The instrument panel of the car – is informative, on it the most necessary control lamps are displayed only.

In 2004 manufacturers have shown the new version of car «Sebring». Designers have not brought serious variations in this model. The car is executed in the same style in which the model «300M» 1998 of release is executed. The given model of the car differs from previous design of a forward part. Manufacturers have established the new light equipment, the massive forward bumper, a new bar of a radiator and in salon of the car the panel of devices has changed and there were new seats. The car became more solid, but thus the manufacturer has managed to keep its initial elements of design.

The interior «Chrysler Sebring» is executed in the European style. The block of management is placed by ventilation at the top of the central console that is the convenient decision of manufacturers. Under the central console the radio tape recorder from CD-плейером and CD-changer on four disks settles down. Instead of big "sofa" behind developers have established a good seat with numerous electric adjustments.

The salon of the car is executed in dark tones, it is looked very attractively. Thus by manufacture of the car the most dear materials are used not.

The car is supplied by good engines: the engine in volume of 2 liters and capacity of 140 horsepower’s, or 6 cylinder engine in volume of 2,7 liters and capacity of 203 horsepower’s.

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