Hyundai Santa Fe

2013-01-11 05:57:54

A surprisingly functional car that will make any car lover extremely happy. This roomy SUV is produced in six variations. The basic version however has a five-speed manual transmission and a 2.0 diesel engine with capacity of 112 hp. The versions vary with the combination of engine, transmission and gear. There are models equipped with petrol 2.7 V6 DOHC engine with capacity of 173 hp and all wheel gear, there’s also a sport version with a four-speed automatic gearbox with manual shift mode.

The time needed to achieve a 100 km/ hour speed varies from 11.6 to 17 seconds and depends on the engine version of the car. The maximum speed you can hope for also varies from 160 up to 182 km/hour. All the versions of Santa Fe have a hydraulic brake system with dual circuit and vacuum booster. The car makes any ride on rough terrains and roads surprisingly smooth and comfortable. This happens because of the completely independent suspension – the Front - MacPherson strut and double level rear strut. That’s why the driver and the passengers feel no shaking while driving on bad roads, not to say you have to do it often. The other amazing thing about this innovative construction is the security in case of driving through big holes. If the driver didn’t see the huge hole on the road, and this happens a lot in some countries, the strut will make the coming blow a bit softer and will save you from the need of buying a new car.

This makes the Santa Fe a great car for bad roads, especially for countries of Western Europe where good roads are only seen in museums and TV shows. It’s clearance of 207 mm and thought-body geometry allows the driver not to depend on the road conditions and easily drive on any route. All Santa Fe versions are equipped with power steering and anti-lock braking system (ABS). However the main priority for SUV version is its comfort and design, the gear and braking system comes secondary. It’s the car for a person who’s used to spend time in the city.

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