Ford Fiesta

2013-01-09 14:18:27

In 2008 the whole world community got acquainted with new Ford Fiesta. It is an attractive and perfect car that is ideal for the modern dynamic world. An absolute novelty includes design and the perfect engine, materials and technologies, which were used in the process of creating of Ford Fiesta. Moscow is ahead of other cities in Russia where they already actively buy this model.

Let us tell you more about the design: without false modesty one can say that for the car B class it is really a breakthrough! The new Fiesta reminds sports coupe because so dynamic and expressive are its lines. To buy Ford Fiesta means to attract admiring glances. Bright, wide lights gracefully narrow on a wing and remind faceted crystals.

Ford traditionally offers a rich choice of outfits, trying to guess the tastes and wishes of the wide target audience, so the prices on Ford Fiesta are usually very different. Now the price for Ford Fiesta ranges from 16000 to 20500.

The most inexpensive is Ford Fiesta in the set of Ambiente with the petrol engine capacity of 1.25 l. Despite its modest size (and hence the modest appetites), it gives 82 HP.

As the test drive has shown the Ford Fiesta Ambiente lacks dynamics within the urban driving, it shows 170 km/h that is quite enough for our mentality (what Russian does not like to drive fast?). If you buy Ford Fiesta in the complete set you get an ideal variant for a relaxing, self-confident driving in the well-balanced car. 

The price for Ford Fiesta in the set of TITANIUM X varies in the range from 19000 to 20500. There are many advantages in it: board computer, leather steering wheel and chrome headlamp housings, the middle line of the body and the lower section of the radiator grille. A 1.6-l. engine already gives out to 120 HP., that makes the car fast and maneuverable. So the test drive the Ford Fiesta has shown that 100 km/h it is gaining in less than 10 seconds.

This B class van is well equipped with modern options. These are multi-function display, engine start button, the system of Ford Key-Free, etc. Despite the fact that the Ford Fiesta prices are not lower, than at some of the cars of similar class, it is worth to pay so much.

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