Toyota RAV4

2013-01-08 22:39:05

The first generation of the car «Toyota RAV4» has been let out in 1994. As of today, the third generation «Toyota RAV4» is offered to fans of the famous car, thus in two executions: the European version with wheel base of 2560 millimeters and the American version of the car with wheel base – 2660 millimeters.

The long model of the car is known cars much to fans and 5 years are issued with 2008. The European version of the car has undergone to technical modernization (transmission, variation of the engine). The car has received the updated forward part. Designers of the company also have made some variations and to design of an interior of the car. In such type the car has been shown to general public on the Geneva motor show in 2010.

Overall dimensions of these models differ among themselves and make: length — 4445 millimeters (4625 millimeters), width — 1815 millimeters (1855 millimeters), height — 1685 millimeters (1720 millimeters), wheel base of 2560 millimeters (2660 millimeters), a road gleam — 190 millimeters. 

The body of the Japanese car shows classical design decisions. Calm and confidence of its ex-terrier is felt. The forward part of the car «Toyota RAV4» (long wheel base) represents large headlights of main light, a powerful bar of a radiator, a terrible bumper with projectors of antilog headlights.

Usual «Toyota RAV4» differs narrow headlights, an accurate bar of a radiator, the qualitative chrome plated rods and a stylish bumper.

The structure of both bodies of the car is represented with greater wheel arches in which wheels 225/65 R17 are placed. It is necessary to note, as here it is possible to see the certain distinctions, especially in a back part of a body of the car. The car «Toyota RAV4» with the enlarged wheel base possesses the big back part. Thus it is not necessary to argue on that, the cook execution approaches this car is better. 

The volume of a luggage space of the car «Toyota RAV4» the third generation makes from 410 up to 540 liters (depending on length of wheel base of the car). Also the driver can combine backs of back seats, for an increase of a luggage space. Also function «Autostick» by means of which it is possible to change transfers to a manual mode is available.

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