Ford Mustang

2013-01-11 12:00:00

The car «Ford Mustang» represents one of the most popular models of the American market. Now the car became more sports, plastic and elegant.

The manufacturer has supplied the car «Ford Mustang» with a new big bar of a radiator; the relief cowl with massive wings emphasizes the concept of a family tree of car «Mustang». Designers have brought some corrective amendments and in a color score of the car: thresholds became one color with color of a body, as well as on a choice different version of wheels are presented.

The manufacturer has decided to not bring essential variations in an interior of the car. Furnish of the car is presented by a lot the leather dear and convenient seats provide a maximum level of comfort of the driver and passengers. The instrument panel became more modern; on it the touch 4 inch display on which all information necessary for the driver is displayed is located: the rest of fuel in a fuel tank and other parameters. On a rudder buttons of management are located by multimedia system.

In a base complete set manufacturers have decided to establish: 2 pillows of a security (at will of the buyer it is possible to add and face-to-face pillows of a security). Designers significantly have strengthened a body, thus the weight of the car practically has not changed and special belts which protect passengers at impact on other car have been established. On a back seat there is not enough seat for greater passengers, thus, only children there can be placed. Forward seats can be adjusted on a slope, length and height; the rudder can be adjusted on depth and height.

Manufacturers significantly have improved the engine – 8 cylinder volume of 5 liters and capacity of 420 horsepower’s. The buyer can choose automatic, or a mechanical box of switching of transfers. Manufacturers have established in the car system «Track Package» which provides the best cooling brakes. Parameters of controllability have risen: parameters of drift of the car on turns have decreased.

Thus, manufacturers could see and solve all problems of car «Mustang». Thus from the technical point of view it became closer to sports cars of the European manufacture.

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