BMW 325i

2013-01-09 01:34:24

The new BMW 3 series: the perfect combination of dynamism, efficiency and comfort.
The sedan of BMW of 3 series is the most demanded in the world as the premium class car.In the sixth generation it became an example of physicality, elegance and comfort. In the sixth generation it becomes an example of sportiness, elegance and comfort. Based on the history of success of the model, developers have given to the new sports sedan energetic appearance which in a new way interprets and improves typical design of brand.
New BMW with narrow, oblong headlights emphasizes dynamically-elegant  design of new BMW of 3 series. The sizes of model of the sixth generation compared to its predecessor increased: the width of track (+ 37 mm in front, + 47 mm behind).

Length gain (+ 93 mm) and the increased wheel base (+ 50 mm) also emphasize a sports silhouette.
The space of salon of a sedan of BMW of 3 series increased, especially for rear passengers. For the first time in the BMW 3 series are offered different finishing lines “Sport Line”, “Luxury Line” and “Modern Line”.Each line of finishing in the highest degree individually generates its own character of a new sports sedan BMW 3 series. The exclusive combination of high-quality materials and the highest quality of processing emphasize the atmosphere of a new BMW 3 series.
The technology of the drive and running gear belongs for a long time to a key competence of brand. The car, despite the increased sizes, is 40 kilograms  lighter, than its predecessor.  A significant contribution to driving pleasure brings an additional superior comfort.

The company BMW is the first among manufacturers in the premium segment of the middle class offers an eight-speed automatic transmission. It can be aggregated with petrol and diesel engines and equipped with the function of automatic shutdown and restart the engine Auto Start Stop in the basic configuration.
New four-cylinder petrol engine with TwinPower Turbo technology sets the pace in the field of dynamics and efficiency.

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