Mazda 3

2013-01-12 13:43:17

«Mazda 3» the small car which is let out by the company «Mazda Motor Corporation», located in Japan represents. The car «Mazda 3» is presented to general public in 2004 which has come in the stead of the car «Mazda Familia». In the middle of 2009 manufacturers have let out the second generation of the car, and in the beginning of 2011 on a motor show in Geneva the updated model «Mazda 3» has been presented.

The car «Mazda 3» possesses expressive style, both a sedan, and a hatchback. The car cardinally differs from other, compact cars. The salon of the car is executed at a high design level. By manufacture «Mazda3» qualitative finishing materials are used only, and all components of an interior are thought over by designers at a high level. A driver's seat and the forward passenger it is executed in sports style that creates sensation of full merge to car.

Passengers inside of the car feel cozy and comfortably. The interior and the ex-terrier of the car look stylishly. Designers managed to reach fine balance of all internal elements. All that is necessary for the driver – is in a convenient site.

It is necessary to note, that the manufacturer also modernized and has brought serious updating in the ex-terrier of the car. The ex-terrier differs the sports design. The hatchback differs the sports orientation. At the same time the sedan shows refinement and solidity. Thus both models look attractively.

The car «Mazda 3» differs high parameters of controllability and dynamics. Manufacturers have established new models of engines; have updated brake system and a box of transfers. Also the decision to lower a lump of the car was accepted, that significantly reduces expense of fuel. The car with confidence feels itself both behind city and on city streets.


The complete set of the car is presented by such components: 4 pillows of a security, system «ABS», «ESP», audio system, a control system of a climate in salon of the car, system of the emergency light signal system.

The manufacturer establishes some models of engines in the car: in volume 2 liters, capacity of 150 horsepower’s with 6 step mechanical box of switching of transfers, or 6 step automatic box of switching of transfers: 1,6 liters engine with 6 step mechanical box of switching of transfers, or 4 step automatic box of switching of transfers. Thus, it was possible to reach high parameters of capacity and controllability of the car.

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