Porsche 911

2013-01-04 02:23:53

The Porsche 911 car is considered the most known model which treats category – sports. This car was released by the German company Porsche. This car was made for races, rally and other competitions on cars.

The most successful modification of Porsche 911 Carrera RSR. This car won in 80 – ะต years the main world championship: Targa Florio. The Porsche 911 Classic car is a change of the Porsche 356 car. Unlike 356 versions the car 911 changed the powerful engine and comfortableness. Model 911 was presented in 1963. 

In the first modification the car 911 had the 6-cylinder opposite engine with the air cooling, established behind. Volume, which 2 liters, capacity – 96 kW. The car belonged to category of the 4-seater car, 2 back places were allocated with narrowness. Because of it they had a name 2+2. At the Porsche 911 car I was five-step manual a check point. 

In 1964 it was let out 911 S where engine capacity made 118 kW. Besides in all series 911 the car equipped with cast disks. Also in 1964 developed the motor which capacity of 154 kW which started completing in the sports Porsche 904, Porsche 906 car.

In 1967 released 911 Porsches with a body Targa which had rods from stainless steel. The purpose of changes is connected with safety. The Porsche 911 Targa car is equipped with a removed roof and removable back windows from plastic. 

Besides in 1967 let out 911 T capacity that made 81 kW, 911 L which capacity of 96 kW and 911 R is an easy racing version.

In 1969 started in production a series of 911 V – where there was 2268 mm a wheel base. A series 911 and 912 was improved by coupling. Model 911 E where the engine 2,2 liters had the power of 114 kW. 

In 1972-1973 models 911 were same, but the engine of 2, 34 l changed only. Model 911 E and 911 S - mechanical, 911 T - carburetors.

The GT3 model 911 let out in 2006. The engine began to develop 415 horsepower’s. 3,6 – the liter engine developed turns – 8400 rpm. This car had the most high-speed motor. Specific capacity made 115 horsepower’s on 1 liter.

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