Jaguar X-Type

2013-01-14 12:00:00

Jaguar X-Type has debuted in 2001 on Geneva Motor Show. It is produced on the automobile factory, situated in the English shire of Merseyside, which earlier produced Ford Escort.

X-Type sedan and X-Type Estate wagon are the most widespread Jaguar cars.

X-Type is atypical Jaguar. And the matter isn’t only in the size. It is a first AWD model of the brand, the power unit of which is located transversally. The model was created on a platform of the latest generation Ford Mondeo.

Modern and attractive design was created. So the appearance of X-Type combines the features of 3 models of the company. The front of the car was borrowed from XJ, rear wings from XK8, profile and glazing from S-Type. Aggressive design, expensive salon, comfort and excellent handling are the main ingredients to succeed.

Close attention was paid to the torsional rigidity of the body. The rigidity of Jaguar X-Type is 30% higher than of the former leader of the BMW 3 Series.

The suspension. The time-tested "McPherson" is installed on double wishbones. On the back end is situated a multi collected fully independent  suspension. Such a scheme promises not only confident cornering, also a significant reduction of noise and vibration.

Even the basic equipment of the X-Type includes a 2,5-liter V-shaped "six". The engine type is not new and it is based on the power unit S-Type. The power of 194 l. in combination with excellent torque of 24.9 kgs.m. and variable length of intake manifold allows for the engine to remove 90% of the thrust in the range of 2500 to 6000 r/min.

In addition is proposed a Sport version with both variants of engine. The main difference consists of the migrated suspension, sport seats, wheels of larger dimension and total lack of chrome decor.

By the way, the X-Type has Ford mechanical transmission or Japanese automatic transmission.

The brainchild of Jaguar has been always distinguished by the rich trim. The maximum of woods and leather is standard. The interior is purely English: almost vertical instrument panel with wooden inserts, lengthwise inserts on the seats, a speaker with chrome rims,  doors with intricate pockets. Everything is made with taste and the certain amount of glamor. Brakes, noise and vibration reduction system deserve only good words.

Particularly close attention was paid to the safety. Jaguar specialists has spent over 175.000 hours on the computer processing of the data to assess the safety of X-type. Passive safety systems are installed on the X-Type as standard, including dual air bags with a complex system of sensors.

Jaguar X-type is a powerful and fast beast, which you can tame.

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