Honda Odyssey

2013-01-10 11:16:06

The Honda company in the early nineties very strongly wanted to take the 20th centuries leading positions in the automobile market of minivans. And it managed it — in 1995 by Honda released the car which has collected then many awards, the minivan was called as Honda Odyssey. It was the minivan like a versatile person of the increased capacity calculated on 6-7 places with three rows of seats. In total four generations of such cars were let out, and since the second models were issued for the North American and Asian markets.

According to the designers, the car was designed absolutely as new model, but experts agree in opinion that the Honda Accord was taken for a basis. The model of the first generation was completed with the 2,2 l engine мощностью160 in h.p. In 1997 there was a restyling of the model and the engine was replaced with a SOHC VTEC in2,3 l with a power of 180 h.p. Also the Prestige model with a volume of 3 l was offered.
Models for the North American market have sliding doors of the second row, strongly increased volume of a body, engines with a high capacity. These cars have the forward drive. Actually it's the new car focused on preferences and features of the market of the USA and related on technologies to the models Honda Pilot, Accord turned out.

The Asian model develops proceeding from the initial concept. It has a classical configuration with sliding doors and the optional full drive. The car has great popularity in China, Japan and other countries of the Pacific pool.
Externally Honda Odyssey had the big wide of a body (1,8 m) and at the same time small height (1,55 m). that gave to the car a compact look and attracted buyers. Landing sitting are located in three ranks, and the last row could if it it is necessary to be cleaned in a floor. With model development in the car all became more comfortable — forward seats of steel are made from a unique moisture resistant material, the dashboard became with two levels and 3D - illumination.

Honda Odyssey can gather the speed of 180 km/h, fuel consumption makes about 10 l on 100 km, all models are equipped 5 high-speed automatic shift. There are systems dynamic Cruise control, course stability and a system of prevention of departure on strips of oncoming traffic. The very well made car answering to all inquiries of the modern consumer.

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