Ford Escape

2013-01-10 11:27:05

The first Ford Escape’s model was released in 2000. The car is built in conjunction with Mazda Motor Corp. This small SUV was equipped with a monocoque body structure and pinion steering for improved handling and fuel economy. Off-road performance of the Ford Escape provides transmission with a constant drive to both axles. The driver has the option to include a center differential lock and then the torque is distributed in the ratio of 50/50.

Engine range includes two units. The basic version is equipped with a 2 liter 130-horsepower 4-cylinder power unit Zetec. As an option the 3 liter 200-hp 6-cylinder, V-twin engine Duratec. Drive forward, but may be incomplete. 5-speed manual transmission as standard with a 2.0 liter. Zetec or automatic complete with engines 3.0 liters Duratec V-6.

The front axleis equipped with aMacPhersonconstructionwith reinforcedlower arms. The rear suspensionis madeindependent.Four-channelABSsystemis supplemented byelectronicbrake forceredistribution. ABS-option is standard onXLTand optionalequipmenton theXLS.
Chassis of the Ford Escapeis a joint developmentof Ford andthe Japanese corporationToyota.Theyare analogous tothe chassisMazda Tribute.This isdone to reducethe cost of productionof components,because of theirinterchangeability. Escapeoutwardlyquiteathletic,easyto drive, fuel consumption relativelyeconomical.Load capacityis very good.The carcan carryasmall boatorsnowmobile.
Since the summer of2004at the Ford plantin Kansas CityissuedEscape2005 model year.It is equipped witha hybrid engine.ModificationnamedEscape Hybrid.

Itis equipped with twopower units: gasolineand electric.The firstfour-cylinder enginewith electronic fuel injection2-litercapacity127 hp.The second has apower 65kW.The battery islocated under theboot floor.The motors are usedtogether orseparately. Source selectiontraction provideselectronics.The main advantage ofthe hybridEscape -its economy: it provides the same dynamicsas theflagshipEscapewith engineV6,whileconsumingmuchless fuel.This modelEscapecertified according toPZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle).For Escape Hybridis availablethe same options (exterior colorand transmission).

Ford Escape crossover of the second generation has two very different versions. The first modification is made in Taiwan since 2006. For it is Duratec petrol engine of 2.3 liter capacity 145 hp with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Transmission can be manual or automatic, and the drive - front or full. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 12.1 seconds. Maximum speed 161 km / h Engine is quite economical and fits the Euro-4 standards.

The car is available in North American production in 2008 at a plant in Missouri and is equipped with a gasoline engine 2.5 and V6 3.0 power 171 and 240 hp. Transmission can be manual or automatic. Cars are available all-wheel drive with front wheel drive.Asian and American versions look quite different, although based on the same platform. For exterior of Asian version Escape worked experts from Design Center and Ford Technology in Taiwan. Get maximum design restrained and simple. Exterior does not shine bright details. Severe forms of the classic station wagon - slightly sloping front pillars and vertical back. Is that a stylish plastic clothes around a bit out of the general outline, but gleams invitingly wide chrome grille, stretching from left to right headlight.

Interior in a car as everything is simple, but quite decent: cheap and practical plastic, gray velor. Has a very spacious interior and large trunk.
In 2008 Ford Escape lost the ability to tightly lock differential, and in return received electro-wheel-drive system Intelligent 4WD System.

In 2009, the Escape has been re-styled. Externally, the car has changed slightly. Much of the engine was changed. In the range became available economical 2.5-liter 171-horsepower 4-cylinder engine. 3-liter 6-cylinder V-type engine was again amended. As a result, its power increased to 240 hp at 6550 r/min. The automobiles were equipped with six-speed automatic transmission. The update also affected the interior. Added new composite materials and new sound insulation materials. Systems management tools on the instrument panel are clearly visible and well illuminability if necessary. The standard audio system in addition to AM and FM, and a satellite radio Sirius can play MP3 discs. Accessory socket allows you to connect and external audio device. The system also has voice control, USB-port. Thanks to folding rear seats (60/40) can significantly increase the capacity of the trunk.

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