Dodge RAM

2012-11-15 19:40:20

Pickups are the new and separated automobile class today with many differences from others. Today many pickups combine in their body luxury features of lux brands cars with strength and power of trucks. Modern pickups have sterling four-door salon, more space inside and heavy lift capability. Many specialists consider that pickups may occupy the family car niche.

Primary company which leads in this way of pickups industry is Crysler. Its new Dodge RAM 1500 that debut in 2013 will impress every person love strength and manly cars. This model will be full of hi-tech innovations and will get very luxury interior. This model will rise the bar for all pickups manufacturers. Crysler began those improvements from simple interior modernization, but now their goal is to become the best in pickups class. In Dodge RAM 1500 2013 they achieved many important goals, like reduction of fuel consumption very important achievement in modern auto world, because today fuel is becoming more and more expensive. RAM 1500 consuming record for pickups 7.8 liters per 100 km. This was achieved by the world first installation of 8-speed transmission Torque Flite 8 and the new 3.6-liter gasoline V6 Pentastar engine in pickup.

The new transmission is more comfortable with fast, gentle and quietly speeds switching. In cases of towing 8-speed transmission is more suitable that its predecessor with 6-speed. Rams transmission modes switcher has changed too. The new version located on the instrumental panel above the right knee of the driver. It will take only 5 seconds to get used to it. New transmission switcher allows you change RAMs modes with your eyes closed.

The new engine is much stronger and consuming for 20% less fuel.  At 305 h.p. engine capacity and maximal torque at 365 Nm the new engine is providing you 5260 kg towing force and payload at least 1417 kg.

Besides that the new Dodge RAM 1500 model control was improved by new system of electric power steering and new light materials of which this model is made.

New Electric Power Steering (EPS) running on the electric motor and gear system are making east to control pickup. Also those innovations let the constructors refuse from hydraulic pump, that lower fuel consuming by 1.8% and lower the pickups weight.

Another innovation that will be included into new Dodge RAM 1500 is the PWM technology the new fuel-efficient system that reduces parasitic electrical loads. PWM system besides the proper operation of the carburetor is ensuring its durability and less fuel consumption.

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