Chrysler 200

2013-01-09 10:26:48

«Chrysler 200» the car of the average sizes which is issued by company «Chrysler» since 2010 represents. The car is created on the basis of existing model «Sebring» which has passed a serious way of modernization and variations. Designers and designers of the company have made a decision, that the new car it is necessary to name «Chrysler 200». Thus the wheel base has been expanded on 25 millimeters, the road gleam is reduced. Thus, the center of gravity that has improved parameters of controllability and a maneuverability of the car has changed.

It is possible to carry to the basic dignity of the car: the updated design of an interior and the ex-terrier, the improved parameters of protection against sounds, rather low cost of the car.

Designers and designers of company «Chrysler» managed to make design of the new car – elegant and recognized. The car has received the new, chrome plated bar of the radiator, new optical system. Forward headlights of the car significantly have been reduced. Also engineers have established new light-emitting diode fluorescent lamps. Are made significant technical and design variations to the form of a luggage space and a back bumper. Designers of the company specially have developed a new trade mark of company «Chrysler» for this model of the car. In a base complete set on the car 17-inch trunks are established.

✓photo by The Checkered Flag Blog

Considerable changes have concerned an interior of salon of the car. By manufacture of the car modern materials of high quality are used. Designers have decided to add the chrome plated details in salon of the car. The font of gauges significantly has increased for panels of devices. The central console became more compact and is executed from qualitative materials. In the central console hours and the innovative 6,5-inch color display on which the information of navigating system is deduced are established. Switches of an audio system and management of climatic system have been updated. Volume of a luggage space – 385 litres.

✓photo by The Checkered Flag Blog

The car is equipped: mirrors of a back type with heating, CD-player, system «ESC», climatic system, gauges of illumination, 6 pillows of a security, antiblocking system «ABS».

Manufacturers establish a plenty of various engines: the engine in volume of 2,4 liters and capacity of 173 horsepower’s; the engine in volume of 3,6 liters and capacity of 283 horsepower’s.

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